Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [Are we limited to just sheds?]
A: [Are you kidding!! We can do just about any small building type, you tell us what you want and we can make it. We build sheds, small cabins and even play-houses for the kids. ]

Q: [Are you able to match the color or style of our house so it doesn't look out of place?]
A: [Absolutely!!]

Q: [How about doors and windows, are we limited to how many we can have?]
A: [Nope, again, just let me know what you want and i'll make it happen!!]

Q: [Is a building permit required?]
A: [Nope, since its a smaller building and also portable, no permit is required.]

Q: [So how do I get a hold of you to purchase one of your great sheds?]
A: [Just click the contact us link.]